SONG REVIEW: The Rolling Stones, Doom And Gloom

TITLE: Doom And Gloom
BAND: The Rolling Stones
LABEL: Universal Music
RELEASED: October 11th 2012

Arguably, one of the best British rock bands ever, you might think that The Rolling Stones had done all they wanted to. They celebrated their 50th anniversary this summer with the release of a book entitled 50 and announced that they would be embarking on another world tour early next year. Their new single has now been released too and it’s a journey into a zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic world full of darkness and terror.

It’s the first release from them in seven years and although, they’re a band who aren’t the fresh-faced young rockstars they once were, it’s incredibly playful and has a lot of juvenile character to it. It has been announced that they will release a compilation album entitled GRRR! in November, which will feature all their old favourites and Doom and Gloom for their fans, young and old.

With riffs that could come from any point in their career and an ever-present 60s vibe, Doom and Gloom is a track with a lot of fresh energy powered into it. It’s not simply a re-working of stuff they know works, it’s a brand new rock song. Essences of Primal Scream and late 60s/70s rockers are there but with the uprising of interest in all things of the past, it slots into the current music industry just right.

An interesting story of the horrors of surviving a natural disaster is depicted to us through a voice we all know well. It’s a harsh warning and horrifying concept that is dealt with expertly by Jagger and references all the hardships in our current world, serving as an overdone reminder of the damage we’re doing.

Pretty dark and depressing but you can’t deny that The Stones are back with a vengeance and all the ingredients to kick some ass.


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