Love In Motion

A while back, this New York four-piece followed me on Twitter and I simply had to blog about them. Yes, they are a little bit too poppy for my usual tastes but they’re incredibly cute and their debut single Summer Kind Of Love is very very catchy. Seriously, click play with care!

It was actually really great to hear something different from a band who came to me through Twitter, as there does tend to be a theme of indie and alternative bands amongst my followers. Like everyone, I can’t resist a cheeky bit of pop every now and then and as a female, Love In Motion fit all criteria perfectly!

With so many all-male pop bands around at the moment, especially over here in the UK, they do have some serious competition in the form of One Direction and The Wanted. They have that American charm though and actually a much trendier sound. There is that weird, lingering David Guetta-style backing but the vocals are overall edgier and with a few guitars and a little bit of hair fluffing, they could be an awesome pop-punk band.

Rocking up their local live scene, they have gained a modestly sized fanbase already and speaking of relations with other boybands, Love In Motion are actually booked to play at One Direction’s gigs in New York next week, so expect them to gain a whole new load of British fans very soon. I can already hear girls squealing at the idea of nine such cuties together in one place!

They have now released a five track EP titled The Perfect Crime, which you can download from iTunes. If you love the single, don’t be afraid to download the EP -everyone needs some good old-fashioned light entertainment and Love In Motion are a very unembarrassing choice of guilty pleasure!


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