City Reign

This Manchester indie/alternative band contacted me off the back of a review I wrote of The Gaslight Anthem’s 45, which has since become one of my favourite songs. They’d received comparisons to The Gaslight Anthem and naturally, I had to give them a listen. I was not at all disappointed!

Formed in late 2008, City Reign are a band that are no spring chickens in the business. With humble bedroom beginnings, they’ve spent the last three years furthering their sound and becoming a full-on recording band. Having set up their own record label Car Boot Records, they’re also heavily involved in all the ins and outs of their music and you’re getting the raw material from them.

They have released three singles over the years -Making Plans, Out In The Cold and Daybreak, which have received rave reviews online and a debut EP titled Numbers For Street Names last year, as well as completing a UK and European tour. A gravelly vocal and strong drum beats signify the band’s edgy indie tones and a slight American-esque alternative air surrounds the sound. The first single Ahead Of Ideas from their first full-length album Another Step was released on November 5th with the album due to come out early next year.

Gaining recognition and praise from The Independent, Grammy winner Dan Parry and Steve Lamacq, they’re a band that have a great live sound even if you’re just listening to the album. Being able to see how the songs would play out to an audience is a great quality for a band to be able to convey and I for one am pretty excited about them.



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