Skrilla UGQ

skrillaugqHip hop and rap has never been my genre really but every now and then, an underground star will come to my attention and earn themselves a blog post. Like Azealia Banks and Jaguar Skills before her, Skrilla UGQ (Underground Queen) is my new rap crush.

A female rapper from Bristol, she has released two mixtapes in the last year entitled The Warm Up and Certified Queen, as well as seven videos and an international collaboration. Having received plenty of praise on blogs and in the press, Skrilla is more than confident about what kind of an artist she is. With a great mix of electronica, dubstep, melodic choruses, squeals and pops, her sound proves that she’s very versatile and can turn her hand to almost anything.

She has launched the Make It Worth It campaign for young people of Bristol with the clear message that you shouldn’t let your past determine your future. It’s an inspirational, beautiful idea that aims to motivate youths from difficult, harsh backgrounds to reach for the stars and achieve their dreams. Skrilla also features on national mixtapes such as SBTV’s Strictly Homegrown and the Unsigned Hypes Battle of the Sexes.

Her latest mixtape Certified Queen is hosted by DJ Melody Kane, SBTV’s official DJ and can be heard here. Full of metallic splashes, edgy beats and soulful refrains, it’s one for those who love a bit of urban with plenty more to say about itself.

For more information on Skrilla, visit


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