lostA couple of months back, I was invited to the Facebook fanpage of a band from a little town called Rugeley in the West Midlands. Piqued by curiosity, it was only after a little amount of internet stalking that I discovered that I had in fact spent a year living with the bassist Mark, during our time as Aberystwyth Uni students. So, naturally I gave them a listen and they’re now getting their own .

Having played a number of live shows in their area including one at the O2 Birmingham and a few shows for Kerrang!, L.O.S.T (Lost Our Souls Tonight) have now released their debut album Ticking Time Bomb on iTunes and it’s awesome, punchy pop-punk with an alternative seriousness thrown in for good measure. There is also enough punk cheekiness and popster charm to keep them upbeat and friendly without upping the cheese factor to 100. It’s a stereotypical American thing but British bands are always showing that we can do it just as well. We’re happy and cool too!

Although they originally formed in 2009, they’ve only just started to get their music out to the world, so a good listen to their tracks on the videos below should be a better introduction to L.O.S.T than anything else.

Fast, loud and full of electricity, L.O.S.T is a definite must-listen for Green Day and Blink fans. They’re just part of a new wave of bands bringing punk back to the masses and are just another reminder of why the carefree angst of the past is still very much relevant and as awesome now.



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