SONG REVIEW: Hawk And Dove, Things We Lost So Far

hawkanddovelogoTITLE: Things We Lost So Far
BAND: Hawk And Dove
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: April 30th 2013

New Yorkers Hawk And Dove have announced an April release for their debut album This Yesterday Will Never End and have offered a free single from the record. Things We Lost So Far is a psychadelic indie extravaganza, which is a great introduction to this up and coming six-piece. Take a break from the traditional, trendy indie we have in the UK and step into a little bit of its American cousin.

hawkanddoveDreamy “ah ah ahhhh”s combined with electrifying riffs and a jolly rhythm, which is later joined by trumpets, Things We Lost So Far is a hybrid tune with plenty going on. A real hippy feel and upbeat festival vibe surrounds it and you can find yourself sinking into the extra long instrumentals, drifiting in and out like a river on a cool summer day.

Folksy rural sounds are fast becoming the coolest sound to be listening to and it’s something that Hawk And Dove are masters at. Full of colour and life, they’re bringing a bunch of songs that are completely unlike any other we’ve heard. Guitarist John and singer Elijah are a match made in heaven and combined with the creative fusions from bass, keys and violinists Stephanie Sanders and Joan Chew and drummer AJ Sausville, the band is an awesome orchestral group.

Things We Lost So Far is definitely one for those who love lengthy instrumentals and kooky twangs and tolls. It’s classical meets acoustic meets country and Hawk And Dove have plenty of promise as the next big hybrid group.

There is no video for Things We Lose So Far but you can listen to it on soundcloud.



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