smokescreenIt’s not often that I get into metal or mechanical grinding from guitars and the like but Smokescreen, a fivesome from Cambridgeshire actually caught my ear. Having been around for eleven years now, they’re no strangers to the live circuit and have mastered a sound that is both loud, aggressive and full of musical passion.

Dubbed as a “ten-legged riff machine”, their lengthy career has seen them tear up the UK and European metal scene playing over 200 gigs including a full tour of the continent. Releasing their first album Welcome To Death’s Door in 2003, they’ve since gone on to record three more albums Disillusions in 2004, Regret Redeem Refine in 2007 and The Human Condition in 2011. Despite being unsigned, they’re doing pretty well for themselves.

There’s nothing short in the way of powerhouse vocals, gritty guitars and slamming drumbeats thrown in with a few growls and a touch of Americana at times and after such a long time on the scene, it’s only fair that they start getting a little more exposure. Have a watch of the video for their track Never Ending Day.

They are also uploading new tracks in the near future, so check them out at


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