SONG REVIEW: Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko, Stay

Rihanna_Stay_CoverTITLE: Stay
ARTISTS: Rihanna, Mikky Ekko
LABEL: Def Jam
RELEASED: January 7th 2013

She may have been surrounded by controversy recently following her drunken antics and recent tour, where she was accompanied by fans and reporters on her own plane but apparently failed to show her face more than three times throughout the trip but Rihanna’s new track is far from the upbeat club tracks we’ve come to associate with her. Instead, she has reverted back to her Take A Bow days and stripped it all down. However, a tinge of maturity lingers in the new sound and to be honest, she sounds great.

rihanna-2012-fashion-showStay is a collaboration between the Bajan popstar and Mikky Ekko, an American singer-songwriter who is set to unleash his so far low-key material to the world. Nailing a duet with Rihanna isn’t a bad place to get the ball rolling and as you can tell from his contribution, he has a classic soulful lilt which slots into Rihanna’s distinctive drawl.

mikky-ekkoNothing but an understated, no-frills piano fills the background and as a result, the song is a simple melody about a confused relationship with flaws on both sides. It’s about being tempted and fallign in love with someone despite everything that may make them seem strange or damaged. Working on a relationship against all odds is something that Rihanna knows all about following her recent reconciliation with Chris Brown. Mikky’s voice is the perfect mellow tone to set it off, giving it a dark, almost candlelit atmosphere.

It’s really refreshing to see Rihanna produce songs that show off her voice because so often, her whole image takes over and we get the showgirl who loves to party. Her ballads are always beautiful though and I certainly prefer her simplistic and laid bare.


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