GUEST POST: Around London in 5 Album Covers

Now, as you will all know, I very rarely accept guest posts on my blog (in fact this is the first time ever) as I like it to be all my own work. However, when writer Hugo Riddle submitted this article, I felt that it was relevant enough to both me and my readers. Being a music lover living in London, it interested me, so I felt it was worthy of a place on the blog. Enjoy! -Alex


Guest post by Hugo Riddle

As one of the most eclectic and diverse capitals in the world, it makes sense that some of pop-culture’s most renowned albums and musical treats have formed themselves around London and its culturally rich background. It works because it creates an icon, depicted efficiently by London’s association with fame and fortune and ability to make a star.

ZiggyStardustThe Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars – David Bowie

This album has earned a special place in many music fans’ hearts over the years and is attributed with having launched Bowie into stardom. The shot on the cover was taken on Heddon Street, close to Regent Street, outside K West with the back cover depicting a telephone box taken on the same street. Many will note how it has maintained its appeal after so many years and the iconic sound of Bowie and renowned picture have stuck strongly with many fans through the years.


whats-the-story-morning-glory2(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? – Oasis

Though the renowned Gallagher brothers hail from Manchester, the critically adored hit album showcased their affinity for London. The album cover displays London’s Berwick Street, once a haven for music fans everywhere, with each shop representing the very best of music retail. An album for real music fans is what Oasis were trying to make and they celebrated this fact by creating an appropriate cover image which has served as an efficient trip down memory lane. Nowadays, the street doesn’t showcase as much musical talent.


The_Clash_UKThe Clash – The Clash

The Clash ushered in a new era of music that seemed to stem from the vibrant streets of London. Punk rock was prevalent and The Clash opted for a postmodern homage to The Ramones and pictured themselves outside their Rehearsals Rehearsals establishment in Camden Market, an iconic part of London’s heart. Nowadays, the location has been taken up by the Proud Gallery yet much of the picture remains intact and in moments similar to those who mimic The Beatles’ Abbey Road, fans regularly re-enact the famous cover.


Pink_Floyd-Animals-FrontalAnimals – Pink Floyd

In order to create one of the most iconic albums ever made, it makes sense to cover it delicately with one of the most iconic buildings situated in London. The front of ‘Animals’ depicts Battersea Power Station in all its Art Deco glory and though the building no longer functions, it lives on in this powerful memorial that is supposed to be strongly influenced by Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ and some of the album artwork even contains a pig suspended from one of the southern chimneys.


morrisseyUnder The Influence – Morrissey

Though this album was a selection of inspirational tracks picked by Morrissey himself, the choice of the specific cover suggests that London was influential in the music the famed musician made. The picture depicts the artist in Whitechapel, standing in front of The Grave Maurice pub. The pub has a famous legacy as one of the spots frequented by the Kray Brothers. Though the pub no longer exists, remnants can be found of it etched into the spot of the current establishment sitting there today.


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