Business Boys Never Rest

bbnrI’ve recently started gaining post requests through my Facebook page and one that recently came through was for me to feature a Seattle group called Business Boys Never Rest. Formed in 2008, the hip-hop trio have since bagged themselves spots on bills next to Gym Class Heroes, T.Mills and Schwayze.

Members Savelli, Kris Cooley and MarclsGatsby come from musical backgrounds as diverse as hip hop to punk and they aim to bring a sound that combines all of that and that is truly unique to their fans. Indeed, their material is backed by electronic spurts and urban energy, which charges through their very modern, original tracks.

Writing and promoting their own frank and upfront songs, Business Boys Never Rest are a band who are passionate about what they do and as a result, they’ve gained a loyal fanbase already. Having played some notable venues in Southern California, where they re-located in 2010 and released an EP entitled Villains, as well as landing clothing deals with L.I.O.N Envy, High Mentality and Jeepney, they’re already on their way to big things and are expected to release an album later this year.

Their name is also their mantra and it reflects how much they deserve the biggest success they can possibly get. Have a listen to their work here and get ready for a future hybrid group who literally mean business, to hit a town near you.


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