Tears For Annie

TEARS FOR ANNIE mirror-webVery rarely do I venture into the outright weird side of music but I’ve been receiving a few e-mail updates from new project Tears For Annie for a while now, so I felt that I should share her work with you. Taking Gaga’s level of odd and combining it with the macabre, it’s both a musical and artistic undergoing that will shock and enthrall.

Having been described as “beautifully vulgar”, Tears For Annie is a whole creative self-expression. Tinkling backings and soft drawling vocals can be heard on her debut EP Purple Heart, which is to be released on March 25th. The lead singer, who goes by the name of Tears, has received early comparisons to Kate Bush and Siouxsie Sioux although I’d argue that this is actually a different kind of strange.

Of course, the entire disturbing nature of the intro video (seen below) and the alien sound to the music is nothing but an artistic display for our pleasure and there are touches of dark humour and playfulness in the lyrics. Keep up with the latest news on the project on Facebook and Twitter.


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