SONG REVIEW: Jungle Doctors, Better

jungledocsTITLE: Better
BAND: Jungle Doctors
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: January 8th 2013

This young band from Teddington got their EP Making Conversation reviewed on this blog last year and now they’re back with a brand new single entitled Better. After making the finals of Surface Festival last year, they have gone on to receive praise from BBC Radio 6 and XFM, who have said that the new single has “a massive Two Door Cinema Club vibe to it”.

Indeed it does and having recently featured a Two Door Cinema Club track, the similarities can easily be drawn. However, that isn’t to say that Jungle Doctors are simply re-creating what they’ve already heard. Their approach is both original and intriguing with plenty to smile about. In just under three minutes, the band manage to bring about a summery feel even though we’re still trapped in the gloomy winter.

jungledocs2Starting off slow before launching into a chilled riff and calming drum, eventually joined by singer Sam’s indie drawl. A touch of Bombay Bicycle Club is also detected in the rhythm and the soothing “oooh’s” are so characteristic of stereotypical British indie. One thing that does set them apart from the already successful indie market is their upbeat attitude. It’s too easy for bands to sink into being “cool” and become obsessed with writing about negative subjects but thankfully, Jungle Doctors are keeping it cheerful.

You could argue that young love has been done to death but you have to remember that these guys are still in their teens. Imagine the poetic imagination that awaits them once they’ve had a little more life experience. To anyone who is sick of hearing indie rolled out with cryptic verses that don’t really mean anything, cheer yourself up with Jungle Doctors’ Californian, carefree style. It’s also more than a little bit catchy, so be prepared for it to stick around a little while.

With the single already winning compliments from DJs and other bloggers, it’s bound to be a great debut success for them. In my opinion, the closing instrumental is the prettiest part of the song meaning you just want to click repeat to hear the rest again. Listen to it here on their soundcloud.



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