alexanderI Am Mighty Records e-mailed me yesterday with an introduction to a new Newcastle based indie band, Alexander. Naturally with such a great name, I was already interested and I very much loved their debut single You Lost Yourself, so here they are on the blog.

Alexander are a quirky, cute-looking four-piece with a very likeable quality and a catchy sound. Appearing on the scene only last year, they are about to embark on a mini tour of the UK in the upcoming weeks and will be releasing their first album Say Hello next month, which was produced by former Futures member Ant West.

Despite there being many indie bands around that have a great sound, Alexander are a little bit more than your average new kids. You Lost Yourself is all we have to go on so far but there is no denying that it is one wicked song. A melody that lingers in your head long after the track has finished, a simple but effective video and did I mention that they have the rock star looks that completes the package?! Have a listen to the stunning single.

Pre-order the album from their official website now. Keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter in order to get news on future releases and shows near you.


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