rayneHere’s a new alternative band for you. As you know, I am fond of unsigned rock bands and therefore I knew  these guys were right up my street. Rayne are a three-piece from Sunderland who have a reputation for doing very well in Battle of the Bands’ contests and have become pretty well-known in the North East for raising money for charity. 

Growing up together, they’ve been working hard on writing roof-raising, anthemic songs for the last two years and have just released their debut album The New Enlightenment. Their single Fallen is available as a free download and is an excellent introduction to the album. I can’t help but compare them to one of my favourite bands Funeral For A Friend and as a result, I can’t get enough of the melodic riffs and hypnotising vocals on Fallen.

Their live performances have also gained some very good reviews with a Rayne gig being dubbed as “truly special”. This makes me determined to get them down to London in the near future. Resonating, smokey tracks are what they seem to specialise in and I can imagine them to be absolutely breath-taking when played live. Rayne could well be about to make alternative rock cool again.

More exciting news about a possible second album release this year can be found on their Facebook and Twitter pages. 


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