The Decomposers

thedecomposersIt may seem an odd name for an upcoming band but this is the name of a very unique Russian band. The Decomposers have humble beginnings in a Russian hospital wing and they have since gone on to evolve into something big and something loud.

Taking their name from the French verb decomposer meaning to decompose into parts, the Moscow band write songs that are dark, disturbing and highly charged with sexual and violent imagery. I’m not normally one for aggression and the like in music but The Decomposers intrigue me greatly. Currently as a six-piece who have reverted their style from goth/prog rock to a more funk-metal vibe, they’re a band with a wide spectrum of morals, having done work for charity and put on some rather outrageous shows.

In 2010, they performed Adult Circus which combined their music with circus performances and animals. After it was advertised on fifteen Russian porn sites, they managed to coin the term “porn-rock” as a description of their sound, giving them a pretty erotic reputation. They have released three albums, the latest entitled Bearded Chicks Cost Cheaper which follows Moans From Cesspits and Double Penetration, (oh yes, they’re THAT kind of group!). Listen to In Time below.

Keep up with the controversial band on their official site.



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