EP REVIEW: Headway, If The Weather

headwayepTITLE: If The Weather
BAND: Headway
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: March 29th 2013

Pop-punk is one of those genres when I always think that I’ve heard it all before. Although I do love it, it’s hard to listen to a new flood of it without comparing it to the bands I’ve listened to for years. San Diego fivesome Headway are a brand new pop-punk band who have just released their debut EP. Their fun-loving and cheeky sound is so infectious and listening to it just reminded me of all the reasons I fell in love with it in the first place.

Of course, there are more than a few similarities to greats such as New Found Glory, The Wonder Years and All Time Low but there is a little something fresh about them. If The Weather begins with a minute and a half called For What It’s Worth, which is a collection of a slow easy guitar, a deep bassline and signature pop punk vocals. It drifts into Double Peak, a fast and furious pop punk monster. A slight angst in the vocals teamed with melodic guitars and heavy drums are what this passionately sung track is made up of.

headwayGrowing Pains marks the halfway point and with it comes a whole lot of classic upbeat pop rock. Clever riffs scattered across the intro and just one of many catchy choruses on the record are what characterises a track with a lot of live potential. The instrumental in the second half of the song is spellbinding and you can almost see the show being played out.

Hindsight is one of two chilled out tracks. Although it’s not completely relaxed, it’s noticeably more low-key than the rest of the EP. It has a great catchy melody and the backing vocals add a darker dimension. Hopeless (but Hoping) is the second track with a more chilled vocal delivery. Fast drumming contrasts the slow vocal as they really impress in a thumping solo just past the one minute mark. The acoustic ending runs into the next and final track of the EP.

Bare ends the record with a slow acoustic intro before kicking into singing guitars, a deep bassline and feisty drums. Melodic catchy vocals lace over the top and the almost five minutes reeks of upbeat, cheerful classic pop punk. As a result, it’s a great live track and the riffs perform original intriguing loops. It slowly fades as it ends, which leaves you with a lasting impression that Headway will return with something bigger and better.



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