bagatelleWhen you read the words “twee” and “dreamy pop”, a clear picture is painted in your mind. That’s how Parisian trio Bagatelle were pitched to me and being a fan of cute, pretty things, giving them a listen was a must. The name of the band means “thing as frivolous and unimportant as a love affair”. Young and carefree, which is a perfect description of their sound.

In 2010, Bagatelle showed their indie pop melodies to NYC singer and frontwoman of new-wave band My Favourite Andrea Vaughn. The two forces united and Andrea lent her sweet, feminine vocals to their EP Rendezvous Transatlantique, aptly named for this meeting of minds. Four of the tracks from the EP can be downloaded for free from Bagatelle’s official website.

They have been compared to Belle And Sebastian, a Scottish indiepop band and their beats and rhythms are uncannily similar. However, Bagatelle are very much a new favourite for the kooky, as their sound is a little bit avant-garde. Soft, cutesy electronic tones and not an ounce of aggression in sight makes it perfect summer chill-out music. Watch the video for Tchau Signo below.

The EP will be released on vinyl this summer too with two additional tracks, so keep an eye out for that!


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