EP REVIEW: The Remony, A Lot To Learn

theremony2TITLE: A Lot To Learn
BAND: The Remony
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: January 31st 2013

Only last week, I was bigging up the Sound Out track from these guys and I have now listened to their latest EP, A Lot To Learn. The Remony are an Indiana five-piece who play awesome pop-punk  with a twist. Fans of A Day To Remember and Mayday Parade will love them and I, for one, got very excited the first time I heard them. On realising that they’re have a female lead vocalist, you may assume that they’re Paramore copycats but how wrong you’d be.

I think the main thing I love about them is that they’re not trying to be noticed. They’re not writing music to shock or cause a reaction, they’re writing music that is fun, popular and still managing to stand out from a whole host of other bands in their genre. Their songs are catchy, the lyrics are deep and their sound is incredibly uplifting.

A Lot To Learn begins with Tuesday, which I will describe as “grown-up pop-punk”. A catchy hook which unites lead vocalists Jason and Jordan is the key to this track’s likeability. The inclusion of melodic guitars which sing to the rhythm make it an awesome live track and a far cry from a regular pop-punk with a female vocalist.

theremonyBrace Yourself is the track I featured last week and I love how the pop-punk vibe is introduced by a falsely ominous sounding intro. The chilled out rhythm contrasts with the element of urgency and danger. The harmonies are on point and there is an awesome slowed-down instrumental before the final chorus, which breaks it up from the passionate vocals, which are so rife throughout.

On The Edge opens with a staccato riff and unravels into a slightly slower track, which retains that desperation and passion within the vocals. There is an element of pop in the melody and it is a pretty tune. It is probably the least rocky number on the EP, although there is a burst of loud, atmospheric vocals at the end. A really good track that adds diversity.

Perhaps my favourite song on the EP is Alexandria and not due to the (almost) namesake between it and myself. With Jordan taking charge of the vocals, it adds an edge to the EP that a lot of pop-punk bands just simply don’t have. Beginning with an acoustic, which evolves into a lamenting, weeping electric riff. Moving with some really impressive singing, it’s the signature power ballad of the record.

Ending on the title track, which is something a little different again. An electronica influence rolls over in the background, as fuzzy guitars come in over the top. Another catchy, melodic rhythm and pop-punk vocals make it sound a bit like theme music for a high school movie, due to its young and fresh nature. Like On The Edge, it is more pop-based than the other tracks on the EP.

A Lot To Learn is a very relevant, fun and upbeat EP, which reveals a lot about the band themselves. The title itself reflects their youth and innocence, giving it that instant likeability. They are a fresh-faced new band who have a really bright future ahead.


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