ALBUM REVIEW: Inherit The Stars, We Were Made To Walk The Skies

inheritthestarsTITLE: We Were Made To Walk The Skies
BAND: Inherit The Stars
LABEL: Ambicon Records
RELEASED: May 18th 2013

Sheffield four-piece Inherit The Stars featured on the blog last month and they are now back with their first album, which is ten tracks of pure metalcore mania. Although it may still throw up a few surprises from a band who categorise themselves as a metal band. It isn’t all screaming, tinny riffs and angst. There is actually some deep, melodic material on there too, which is awesome for those who aren’t really metal fans.

Beginning with If We Fall, We’ll Fall Together, a Dragonforce-esque metal number with a growling beat and metallic guitars. Sticking to catchy melodic vocals, it isn’t quite the stereotypical metal track and has so much live potential. Fast riffs and heavy drumming introduces the signature Inherit The Stars sound and this is something that runs through the album.

banditsThe screamo begins on Citizens Of Earth, which has a melodic backing and singing guitars. Suspense-building drums and an eerie robotic voice which interjects within a metalcore instrumental and again at the end. There is an alien feel to it and as the title suggests, it’s quite other-worldly.

It slows right down and shows us a different side to the band on Facing The Fire. A synth-led, electronic backing with glimpses of the violins which return later on. It’s a much more chilled rock song with a love story at the heart of it. Eventually, it erupts into a heavier section with desperation in the spat out lyrics. It lapses into another slower track Hold Your Breath, which has a pop-punk edge in the vocals. A catchy rhythm and perfectly blended backing vocal harmonies mixed with space-age guitars show yet another side to Inherit The Stars.

Imagine (If We Ruled The World) is the halfway point. Another pop-punk vibe is detected with metallic guitars, merging the two facets of the band’s sound. There is a definite Fall Out Boy influence here, as it could easily slot into their Infinity On High album or even Save Rock And Roll. The catchy riff makes it another awesome live track.

The electronica strand rears its head again on Caught In The Crossfire, which has screamo vocals on top of electronic spurts dominating the back. Angsty harmonies in the chorus remind me of Funeral For A Friend, particularly the Welsh band’s live set, which is always a perfect mix of passionate screams and melodic vocals. Running into Through The Fallout, which is the track that really stands out as different on the album, the contrasting effect is genius. Through The Fallout is a whispery, stark track that has such a strong focus on vocals that it’s almost acapella. A calming haunting vocal match the drama of the violins which join drums in the loudest part of the song cause it to be a very powerful, resonating addition to the record.

Violins are still hanging around as it moves into When Hearts And Worlds Collide. The opening sequence is almost like a musical accompaniment to a dangerous act on Britain’s Got Talent. The angsty metal vocals are back and it’s a track with a lot of rising and falling. As a result, the variation makes it great for a live show as its unpredictability will leave crowds wanting more. Here At The Edge is another Dragonforce-like number with a catchy metal riff and melodic vocals. A real moshpit anthem, it’s another track that you know will sound great live. The final instrumental push is repetitive and electrifying before it dies down into a rather creepy sounding circus-inspired ending.

Ending on Destroy The Agenda (We’ll Build Our Own Adventures) was clearly a calculated decision. The pop-punk vocals and metal backing once again showcase their multitude of talents and the swaying rhythm gives it a farewell vibe. Sing-a-long vocals and a catchy rhythm give way to a rather impressive vocal performance at the end, finishing on a real high.

It is an amazing first album and Inherit The Stars really deserve more attention and hype than they’re getting. Pop-punk, alternative and metal fans will love this album and appealing to more than one taste is what making successful music is all about.


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