BOOK REVIEW: The Twitter Diaries

thetwitterdiariesTITLE: The Twitter Diaries
AUTHORS: Georgie Thompson and Imogen Lloyd Webber
EDITION: Bloomsbury
PUBLISHED: May 21st 2012

Being an avid reader and a woman in her early twenties with aspirations to work in the media, The Twitter Diaries should be right up my street. Described as “Bridget Jones tries social networking”, it appears to be the chick lit book of the decade. However, girly romances aren’t normally my thing when it comes to books. I do love watching rom-coms and the like but I like my books to have a bit more meat in them usually, a bit more actual action.

So, you may be wondering what on earth possessed me to give it a go? Well, the reason was an abandoned idea of my own from a couple of years ago, as an inquisitive creative writing student. I did conceive the notion of writing a novel entirely as an IM conversation but somebody suggested that the format would be irritating to read. As The Twitter Diaries is written entirely in tweets, it made sense that I tested this theory out for myself and put paid to any past regrets I may have.

The story spans across two cities, London and New York and explores the long distance friendship between hotshot sports presenter Tuesday Fields and men’s shoe designer Stella Cavill. Introduced by mutual friend known simply as “@PMTV” (although it becomes apparent that it is in fact Piers Morgan) on New Years Eve, Tuesday and Stella put the world to rights one tweet at a time. Dates with gorgeous famous men, jet-set lifestyles and problem mothers, they cover it all over the course of a year in which a whole lot changes.

Written by Sky Sports presenter Georgie Thompson and writer and daughter of the West End legend Andrew, Imogen Lloyd Webber, it is an accurate representation of women in the media today. Both authors draw on their own experiences and as a result, both characters are very believable and likeable. There are moments of comedy instilled in the little dramas of their lives and it is definitely a nice bit of light relief, if you’re used to reading horror, sci-fi or thrillers.

It isn’t quite as funny and engaging as Bridget Jones and at times, the hashtags and @ signs can be jarring but I was surprised by how little this happened. It isn’t actually that annoying to read, in my opinion but what was great was that I found myself whizzing through it due to being used to glancing at tweets.

If you’re looking for something that will give you a bit of fun for a while, then The Twitter Diaries is a good shout. Similarly, if you want a slightly different reading experience, it is a great book to try. Relevant, bang up-to-date and not too serious, it gets to the centre of the trivialities of young modern women.


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