EP REVIEW: Modern Chemistry, We’ll Grow Out Of This

modernchemistryepTITLE: We’ll Grow Out Of This
BAND: Modern Chemistry
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: April 28th 2013

New Jersey foursome Modern Chemistry first grabbed my attention when their request for an EP review came with the subject heading “EP review (and free baked goods)”. Naturally, there were no free baked goods attached but I’m hoping that by listening and reviewing the EP, I may earn myself some of said baked goods should they ever make it over here or I ever make it over there… maybe!

Being a combination of alternative rock and pop-punk, I knew I was going to fundamentally like what I heard. It begins where all things should begin at Part One. A dramatic drum roll mixed with a chilled guitar and a gentle swaying rhythm. Breathy vocals delivered with a great deal of passion make quite an entrance. A successful suspense-building instrumental ensues making it a great addition to a live set.

modernchemistryA slower track, Let’s Talk About The Weather carries on the record. It begins as a chilled number but gets faster and more energetic. Melodic alternative vocals turn into an angsty passion-fuelled chorus. With another catchy rhythm, I am reminded of some of the best work by The Wonder Years. A little bit of a contrast happens when Remember The Bridge begins. The classic alternative guitar sings us in and the drums arrive with a growling fuzz of something heavier. Although the vocals retain some melody, they now have an air of desperation to them. Another catchy instrumental takes place and it becomes clear that honing their craft is what Modern Chemistry are great at.

Returning to the start (kind of) with Part Two, which is a moving and mournful love song. An acoustic guitar leads the way accompanied by squeaks from a scraping guitar string. These squeaks are a little jarring and it does distract slightly from the vocals. However, the chorus is pretty and the song is overall, very relaxing and powerful. A real sense of longing for a lost love comes through, which is beautiful.

Holla Atchya Boi is nothing like what its title suggests. It isn’t some weird hip hop interlude in the middle of a rock album but rather a summer’s drive sound. Pop-punk vocals are the strongest than they have been on the EP so far and it’s a great merging of alternative backing and cheeky pop-punk. It clearly deals with a “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” situation, which is something that everyone understands. The main message “you were never that important to me until I couldn’t have you anymore” is repeated several times, which may sound depressing but the song doesn’t really come across as that.

Ending on Titus (The Waterman) shows Modern Chemistry at their heaviest. It’s a real rock-out, freak-out, moshpit anthem with a singing riff, fiery passionate vocals and a catchy chorus to really belt out, when you’ve finally had enough. I love how the drums at the end resemble gunshots too, which I thought was a very powerful and clever touch to the EP essentially dying.

All in all, We’ll Grow Out Of This is a very intriguing and fierce EP. Dealing with such a wide umbrella of emotions, there is something for everyone on it. Modern Chemistry are indeed masters at provoking reactions from their listeners, which is something I can’t wait to hear more of. Now, where are my baked goods?!


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