The Masquerade

The MasqueradeIt’s no secret that I love discovering cheeky, upbeat pop-punk bands and I was incredibly excited to be introduced to The Masquerade this week. A Pennsylvania foursome who are just beginning their musical career having only formed earlier this year, they are quite possibly the best BRAND new band I’ve ever heard.

Joining a genre that is packed with greats such as All Time Low, Bowling For Soup and New Found Glory amongst many others seems like a really tough task but there is no denying that The Masquerade appear to have got their niche sorted and with a catchy debut single to boot, they have so much going for them.

With an album due for release in the summer, they have kicked things off with Set Your Mind To It, a motivational, refreshing track with the signature pop-punk vocal tone, fast drum rolls and metallic guitars. Promoting a positive message with clear determination to reach their goals can only be the best attitude to burst onto the scene with. Indeed, the line “we turned our dreams into plans instead” is something we can all be inspired by. Listen to it below.

If you love The Masquerade’s style already, then you can keep up with them on Facebook and Twitter.


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