SONG REVIEW: Love & Satellites, Head To The River

love&satellitesbandTITLE: Head To The River
BAND: Love & Satellites
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: April 28th 2013

Love & Satellites were featured way back last year and they were one of the first unsigned bands I wrote about who promoted this blog. As a result, they will always be pretty special to me and it kinda helps that I adore their upbeat, cheeky sound too. The Aussie band are masters at creating ace pop-punk that leaves me repeatedly pressing play.

Since the release of their first single Girl I Used To Know last year, they have gained a rather massive online following who are devoted to their favourite pop-punks. The new single Head To The River is another classic pop-rock number although it does have a little softer twist to it. The band have obviously gone for a more understated theme with their current material, as there is a definite shift between this new arrival and what I’m used to from them.

The cute, melodic vocals are still there as are the metallic riffs and slamming pop drums but there is a slower piano section which adds a gentler touch to it. It’s a much more mature song than their earlier songs and it makes for an exciting new EP, which this is the first glimpse of. Comments from fans confirm that the band are still appealing to their listeners and as ever, the song has the perfect live vibe to it. Rocking out with your friends is exactly what Head To The River screams.

They are experts at pulling off energetic and memorable live shows and this is a must-add to the setlist, causing images of some electricfying shows for them on the horizon. It’s a positive comeback for Love & Satellites, who never fail to make me smile and this is a definite new addition to my summer playlist.


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