EP REVIEW: Simple As, Simple As

simpleasepTITLE: Simple As
BAND: Simple As
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: April 1st 2013

Simple As are a band who first formed in 2007. Having formed that long ago, you would have thought we would have heard something from them by now but due to a few line-up shakes, they have had their problems. They are now, however, a fully formed South Wales foursome with a new self-titled EP and the Meze Lounge Battle of the Bands title under their belts. With a fierce, aggressive sound, they are now ready to come at us like tigers!

Beginning with the attitude-driven I Don’t Care, it gives us a feisty first impression. Banging drums and alternative guitars create a loud and proud image with frantic punk inspired vocals over the top. There is a lot of metal instilled in the sound and the instrumental towards the end gets quite atmospherical. It is a real moshpit anthem and is the perfect angst-ridden starter.

simpleasTheir American influences really shine through on Your M.R.S with its deep metallic drum at the intro, which is a classic alternative-metal fest. There is a tinge of Chester Bennington to the vocals on this track, which isn’t seen again on the EP. The jerky, stopping-starting theme of the song makes it stand out from the other tracks and really gives it an unpredictable character. It is perhaps one of my favourites on the album due its fresh ideas and original licks.

They Won’t Understand has a little bit of a glam rock vibe to it with its retro riffs and fast drumming. The vocals are more melodic than on the other tracks and is a real crowd-pleaser. It is a great live track due to the chanting nature of the lyric delivery, making it easy for fans to sing along and really be a part of the performance. It’s the kind of song that gets everyone up and having a good time which is after all, what every live show needs.

Ending on At Least You Tried was perhaps the perfect taster of what is to come. It’s a much slower, more chilled song with an Americana feel to it. The vocals drawl over the alternative instrumental and Simple As’ love of Nirvana and all things grunge is apparent in the growly, desperate voice. Despite this, it is perhaps the most commercial track on the EP and has a catchy hook, which is ideal for radio airplay. Finishing on a funky instrumental and an atmospheric guitar fading into blackness adds an air of mystery to what is on the horizon.



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