SONG REVIEW: Deaf Havana, Boston Square

bostonsquareTITLE: Boston Square
BAND: Deaf Havana
RELEASED: May 15th 2013

Tonight, the new Deaf Havana single was premiered on Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World show and thousands of fans tuned in to listen to it. After the success of their last album Fools And Worthless Liars, we were expecting something a little more different and indeed, that is exactly what we’ve got.

Boston Square is the first taste of their September 2013 album Old Souls, which they’ll be promoting on tour towards the end of the year too. Leaving behind the pop-rock of their previous material and opting for something with a little bit more grit, they’re turning their hand to indie/alternative rock. Frontman James Veck-Gilodi adopts a gravelly American tone to his voice and with catchy riffs and steady drums, it is an awesome live track with a new twist in their sound.

deaf-havana1Essences of Kings Of Leon and even some classic American rock bands such as Bon Jovi can clearly be detected in the melody. It is an interesting turn for them to take but they have so much support and the general consensus on the new sound is positive. This one single has already seen tickets for the tour and pre-orders of the album soar, so it clearly has paid off for them to shake it up a bit.

Lyrically, Deaf Havana are often masters. Boston Square is a very philosophical song with a lot of ambiguity within the lyrics. An implication of suicide and/or insanity is there amidst the broken love story. “I thought I saw your reflection in the window of a passing car but I guess I was wrong. All I am is wrong these days” is a classic, perfectly poetic run that reminds us there is still some of the old Deaf Havana in there.

All in all, it is a good catchy track and it could well bring some American indie fans into their fanbase. Evolving with every album is something that only the best bands do and I love that they’ve been brave enough to alter their usual sound.


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