EP REVIEW: The Status: Fiction, The Parking Lot Story

theparkinglotstoryTITLE: The Parking Lot Story
BAND: The Status: Fiction
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: July 2013

I’m always so excited to get exclusive access to music that is yet to be released and when The Status: Fiction e-mailed me a private download link to their upcoming EP, I couldn’t wait to listen. The LA trio are a happy-go-lucky pop-rock outfit who have premiered a few of their tracks online including an EP teaser. Their single Don’t.Wait is available to listen to on their bandcamp page and it is a great illustration of what the rest of the EP is about.

It begins with the single itself, a summer-driven pop-punk number. The melodic vocals as seen on most of the EP’s tracks is present and the singing guitars make their first appearance. Incredibly chilled with a catchy rhythm, Don’t.Wait is the perfect introductory single as it definitely makes you want to keep listening. The riff keeps circling your ears long after it’s over and it just oozes classic, upbeat pop-rock.

thestatusfictionMoving on to Trickle which has a slightly heavier intro and their natural Americana twang really comes through on the vocals. There is a touch of Less Than Jake about it, as it retains the catchy pop-punk theme. The instrumental is really playful and the wailing guitar really stands out amongst the upbeat interlude. This makes for an awesome live track, which is the same for a few other tracks on the EP.

Although The Status: Fiction seem to specialise in energetic, happy melodies, their lyrics can have deep and quite depressing content. It begins with slow strums and a kicking drum, which is joined by the signature melodic vocals. The lyrics have a nostalgia to them and it seems to look back to a happier time. The guitars build up within the instrumental and it eventually resembles the famous riff in Blink-182’s All The Small Things and so, it does remind me of the scene in the video with Mark Hoppus rolling naked on the beach -a great smile-inducing moment!

Bed, Bath and Beyonce may sound like an intriguing title and indeed, it certainly has received a lot of attention already. It has a slower intro with simple strumming and drum beat. The vocals are more exposed on it and they’re delivered in a swaying motion with a touch of melancholy. The summer returns in the instrumental and it chills out again at the outro. It is a quirky and catchy number that could potentially be their biggest commercial hit.

Another popular track of theirs is Standing, which has an acoustic strumming and resonating vocals. Soft shakes appear as do a heavier guitar and drums, as the vocals retain a repetitive melody. The instruments are definitely the main area of interest on the song as they seem to do all the work in making it evolve. It is only at the end when the vocals are belted out at full power that they change at all, by which time the instruments have climaxed and the result is an atmospheric crescendo that is perfect for a live set.

Ending on possibly my favourite on the EP, The Bright Star was a great idea. It begins with clapping, rhythmic drums which is swiftly joined by pop-punk guitars. The vocals are fairly downbeat again but the happy metallic spurts from the guitars contrast with the dreary melody. A Fall Out Boy-esque chorus with harmonies and a very catchy rhythm is the main lift of the song and when it kicks into a more alternative-rock gear towards the final instrumental, The Status: Fiction have ended on a massive high.

For pop-punk fans, this is a very exciting EP. The songs are very similar to one another, which is perhaps a bit of a disadvantage as I do like seeing diversity in new bands. However, that doesn’t mean The Status: Fiction are one-trick-ponies and we never know what they might follow The Parking Lot Story up with.


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