HarlotNot being a huge fan of metal as a genre, I was surprised to learn that I did actually like what I heard from yet another metal band from the North East who were introduced to me this week. Following the likes of Rayne and Inherit The Stars, who have both been featured on this blog this year, Harlot are an electrifying machine powering through some catchy, intriguing music.

They’re a Geordie four-piece with so much energy and passion driving behind their impressively sung single Saviour, which is the perfect mix of Dragonforce-esque instrumentals, aggressive screams and some beautiful lilting melodies. It is taken from their upcoming EP Wolves, which is due for release this summer. Listen to it below.

With influences such as Bullet For My Valentine, Metallica and A Day To Remember, they have so much light and shade in their sound that it offers something for fans of all kinds of rock music. The lyric video for their track My Redemption really draws you in and although it is a little dramatic, as so much of metal is, you can’t deny the fact that the story is intriguing. The melodic vocals mixed with the growls are awesome at creating a live party atmosphere and it makes me wonder how good these guys are live.

Keep up with Harlot news via their Facebook and Twitter.


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