EP REVIEW: The Quickfires, Surprise, Surprise

thequickfiresepTITLE: Surprise, Surprise
BAND: The Quickfires
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: May 15th 2013

Young Essex trio The Quickfires are a very new band who have an indie vibe nailed. Their quirky vocals, strong basslines and rhythmic drum solos blend together in a way that appears to have always meant to be. Influences include The Wombats and The Kooks and it’s this kind of upbeat, hipster sound that they’ve certainly managed to hone in their so far, very short career.

Surprise, Surprise comprises of four songs that are young, fresh and packed full of energy just like their writers. Currently gigging all over Essex, these are songs that you can imagine really get a small venue dancing and singing along. I can only guess that The Quickfires’ live set is one huge party.

Beginning with Rosanna, which perfectly introduces the quirky indie vocals that remain with us for the rest of the EP. A melodic pop-punk guitar strums along to the catchy pop rhythm provided by the deep bass and metallic drums. The instrumental just after the two minute mark is pretty simple but remarkably clever, as it draws your attention to the retro rock and roll-inspired flavour that continues to crop up.

thequickfiresNext up is Tell Me Twice, which begins with a funky bass and a strong drum intro which is joined by an alternative guitar. The indie vocals return and give us a catchy chorus while keeping the retro vibe. So much of classic British indie is instilled in this track but the impressive drum solo backed up by the growling guitar give it an edge that sets it apart from the others.

The anomaly is definitely Other Side. Bringing everything down a gear, the slow acoustic sets the tone for this melancholy ballad. Again, there is something that is inherently old-fashioned about it as the lyrics are delivered in a dark, brooding tone. A sad story of a guy trying to forget a lost love is something that is constantly depicted in music and you begin to think that it is just like any other break-up track but when the drums kick in at three and a half minutes, it suddenly climaxes into a power-pop song with a newfound passion in the vocals.

Ending on the title track, Surprise, Surprise is definitely the most catchy track on the EP. The upbeat riffs immediately grab you and as a result, it’s clear that this is the fun-loving live track. Again, it has a rock and roll vibe in the backing vocals that keep it fresh and summer-ready. Combined with a hell of an earworm for a chorus, it’s a trendy funky track that will no doubt be on your summer playlist.

All in all, it is a very impressive first effort from The Quickfires. There are a lot of indie bands who combine retro with the modern, so they’re not offering anything majorly new. It is a great, easy-to-listen-to record and there is still so much room for them to grow and find a niche, which they certainly have the talent to do.


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