SONG REVIEW: Fire At Night, Vote Yes/Bellyfeel

fireatnightsingleTITLE: Vote Yes/Bellyfeel
BAND: Fire At Night
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: June 3rd 2013

Hampshire trio Fire At Night are one of my favourite unsigned acts and as a result, I had to feature their latest double single Vote Yes/Bellyfeel. It’s a great pairing of chilled indie and gritty alternative rock, bringing both light and dark to the record. Last month, the band celebrated a year since their first live show and after receiving a great review of their EP from me, they knew I’d be interested in what they had coming up.

In a post on their website, the band announced that both Vote Yes and Bellyfeel are reflective of the heavier path they’re wanting to go down with their upcoming material. This is certainly the first thing that struck me about the double single and it is indeed, pretty different to what we’ve heard from them before.

fireatnightVote Yes starts with a slow chilled guitar with electronic slides in between. Scott’s indie vocals arrive and it picks up a lazy, summer rock theme. Back up vocals merge into the fuzz of the guitar so that they become distorted. One great feature about Vote Yes is the strange and unexpected space-age voice that begins to discuss politics, the socio-economic status of the world and all its problems. It’s random but it really makes you sit up and listen.

Bellyfeel is a much more gritty alternative song. Scott’s vocal range is really shown off over the fuzzy riffs. If this is the heavier route they’re about to take, it has totally paid off. Around the two minutes and forty mark, an electrifying rock instrumental ensues before dying at three minutes, where the song appears to start again with the same riff as the intro. It then continues into an awesome guitar solo that storms through the remainder of the track until the final twenty seconds when Scott softly drawls “You’re nose down in the mud, you cannot see, you can’t see”.

Both songs are a step up from Fire At Night’s previous work and it’s great that they’re evolving into something else. Their next full-length record should be an awesome alternative project that will no doubt earn them a few more fans they wouldn’t have had before. Exciting stuff!


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