SONG REVIEW: DeLooze, Lost Army

lostarmyTITLE: Lost Army
LABEL: Giant Haystacks
RELEASED: July 1st 2013

Think of a mix between Kate Bush, Siouxie Sioux and a little bit of Marina and the Diamonds and you might get some idea of how new artist DeLooze sounds. Lost Army is her third single but the first to come from her upcoming debut album Glass Army. Along with her band, the weird and wonderful London based singer Stacey DeLooze has crafted a “gothic pop gem”, as said by music website The Line Of Best Fit.

Having received so much praise from the internet already, DeLooze is now well on her way to being recognised as a fully fledged successful artist. When Glass Army is released on July 1st, DeLooze will already have some big names amongst its fanbase and therefore is likely to get some rave albums reviews.

Ultra low res and low picelAs for the first single, her haunting mewing vocals ring over ominous fuzzy riffs that build up and join eerie chimes. A whole odd feeling comes over you when you listen to the unpolished, jagged sound that has a definite fight behind it. So much appears to be happening behind her diva-esque vocals that it’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of bells, spurts and crashes.

A line from the song that really hammers home what it’s about is “how do you command armies?” which touches on the kernel within the tough, quirky exterior. The fact of being thrown into a near impossible, baffling situation and having to keep things under control is something everyone can relate to and it’s this that lies at the very heart of the song.

It is a strange sound and perhaps an acquired taste but there’s no denying that DeLooze is a great new talent that will break down some barriers, should she get the right exposure.


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