SONG REVIEW: Longfellow, Gabrielle

longfellowgabrielleTITLE: Gabrielle
BAND: Longfellow
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: July 29th 2013

Having performed at the mighty extravaganza that was London 2012, Longfellow are an up and coming indie-folk band with impressive credentials to their name already. Frontman Owen Lloyd has a publishing deal with Universal and their fans include Example and Feeder, so it may be hard to believe that Gabrielle is their first single.

They have racked up comparisons to Fleet Foxes and Coldplay with their soulful and haunting sound. Gabrielle is the perfect demonstration of that and the London fivesome are certainly a band with a unique edge and masters at creating an atmospheric, resonating chorus.

Melancholy surrounds the lyrics and ringing riffs frame the steady drum beat. The whine of the guitar and hum of the bass create the epic feel while the vocals appear to cry out in anguish. It’s a story of loss and heartbreak and the piano entering the picture really plays on this. Where one might expect violins to illustrate sadness, the piano does it better.

longfellowA degree of angst and frustration is merged with the heartbreak and it’s such a genuine emotion that everyone can relate to. They convey it so well and despite its apparent depressing nature, it’s a song that you’ll listen to again and again and be humming along to afterwards.

They are a bit more folksy than Coldplay but with the same level of atmospheric soul. Like Coldplay, their sound could easily captivate a crowd and cause them to forget the world for the duration of the gig. With such a boastful history already, Longfellow could be the next quirky indie stars.


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