SONG REVIEW: Lolo, Weapon For Saturday

weaponforsaturdayTITLE: Weapon For Saturday
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: July 2013

Strong, attitude-fuelled female artists have always been championed by me due to their desire and often success in executing something bold and different. When I first heard the new single from Brooklyn based artist Lolo, I knew that it was another one of these moments. Feisty, fearless and super talented, Lolo aka Lauren Pritchard is about to unleash a song that will empower women everywhere.

There’s no doubt that it centres around standing up for yourself and not letting anyone walk all over you. “I always get my way” could have sounded like a spoilt kid re-iterating why they’re entitled to act like an arrogant idiot but there seems to be a surprising lack of arrogance within it. It’s a grown up’s song and the darkness embedded in it is so intriguing.

Rising and falling synths support the unpolished style of Lolo’s voice. There is a lot of Adele within her vocals and she certainly has that retro diva quality to her sound, which is really authentically cool. Violins appear and it becomes more of an Adele album track but there is a hint at the Oscar winning Skyfall in it too, which I think is what draws me to it most.

Weapon For Saturday is designed to have an impact on its listeners and the confidence of the artist is what strikes you most about it. The tough bitch exterior often hints at underlying insecurities, which could well be the case here but it sounds more like a revenge track to me. Almost like she has been hurt and is now surrounding herself with defence in order to attack.

Interesting and slightly ambiguous, it certainly is a song that gets you thinking. The many layers mean that it has so much potential to be commercially successful and is fitting for a luxury car or perfume TV advert, illustrating a strong, independent woman on a mission that she won’t fail.


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