The 1975

the1975Ok, so maybe I am a little late to this party but The 1975 have been all over my Twitter feed for a while now. Naturally, being a music blogger, this meant that I simply had to check out who this band was that everyone had been raving about. They did actually support Muse instead of Bastille on their second night at the Emirates, so I was expecting them to be of a similar style. I was wrong!

The 1975 are a Cheshire foursome whose sound certainly doesn’t really fit into a specific genre. Described typically as alternative rock, their music also includes synth-pop, electronica and indie. Although they are only just coming to the forefront of the scene, they have in fact already released four EPs. The first was Facedown in August of last year followed by Sex in November. This year has already seen the release of Music For Cars and IV.

Their first full length album will be self-titled and is set for a September release. Chocolate is their highest charting single so far and it’s the perfect merging of indiepop and electro power. Listen to it below.

As well as doing their rounds of this summer’s festivals, they will be embarking on a UK tour just after the release of their album. For information on when they’ll be visiting your nearest city, check out their official website.


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