EP REVIEW: Eyptin Wholi, Changeling

eyptinwholiepTITLE: Changeling
ARTIST: Eyptin Wholi
LABEL: EWholi Entertainment
RELEASED: July 26th 2013

Portuguese electronica producer Eyptin Wholi had his previous EP Playground reviewed on the blog back in April and now his upcoming summer release has reached my ears. Playground was more of a club record than something you listen to alone in your earphones but Changeling is more of a chillout EP.

Eyptin began his career back in 2005 as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Graduating to producing from DJing, he has now set up his own record label EWholi Entertainment, which means 2013 will see lots of new music coming from him. Changeling will be his fifth EP but he has also released two full albums and three compilations.

eyptinwholiThe EP begins with the title track. It begins with soft thumps and a slow fuzzy monotone. This is eventually joined by a tribal drum sound and a haunting whistle comes and goes. A solid clapping keeps the beat and the synths add a spacey feel. During the second half of the song, the fuzzes become more prominent and it becomes a chilled, atmospheric anthem. Offbeat drums enter and it becomes distorted with clicks and drum rolls mismatched together. The electronic chimes act like the vocals, which is effective considering the whole EP is instrumental. Oscillators ring towards the end and create an alien feel, which adds the space-age atmosphere.

Moving on to Ain’t Got Time, which begins with upbeat drums and electronic glitches. An intriguing robotic voice enters and it has quite a spooky effect. It is reminiscent of Daft Punk, who released a record-breaking album this year, so it is perhaps the track that would do best if it were released. The voice is quite defiant and as a result, it’s a disturbing listen. It’s another great club track from Eyptin and the ominous feeling builds in the electronica.

Crazy Waterfall kicks off with rhythmic taps which is joined by a whistling wind. There is a definite continued space-age theme with a UFO type backing. It has a catchy rhythm that is easy to tap your foot along to and ethereal tones that elongate and stretch across the beat. Low dubstep growls enter the frame around the two minute mark. An essence of Doctor Who circles it complete with a steady head-bopping beat. Chimes resemble a fly buzzing around a room with their constant volume changing. Robot bleeps and glitches begin and it’s almost like you’ve arrived on a foreign planet. The scrapes and calm before the end arrives and it’s a slow, lulling finish.

Ending on Red Escape was perhaps not the best idea as it’s the most repetitive track. Again, the dark threatening electronica plagues the beginning and a haunting violin-esque sound join slow tinny drums. Despite its repetitiveness, it has that anticipating quality to it almost as if it’s the introduction to a dramatic event. As a result, it would probably be perfect in a film or TV soundtrack. As with most of Eyptin’s music, there are many layers to it which all merge together in a finale that brings out every element individually. The synths are constant as is the melody which is sustained over three minutes.

Changeling is a more interesting EP than Playground. It has some real gems on it particularly Ain’t Got Time and you don’t feel like you have to be up dancing to it. It’s great how he has managed to include both chilled and upbeat club anthems on the same EP and the tracks are actually pretty versatile as you could have them as background noise in the house and also as part of a party playlist.


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