SONG REVIEW: Kitten Pyramid, Uh Oh

kittenpyramidsingleTITLE: Uh Oh
BAND: Kitten Pyramid
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: July 22nd 2013

Kitten Pyramid are a group of experimental rockers who are just about to release their debut single Uh Oh. It’s the lead track from an album of the same name and interestingly, it’s not simply a music venture but all-round creative outlet for music and film. The album will follow the story of Polish immigrant suffering from schizophrenia working in the UK, giving fans something more than just the music. Frontman of Kitten Pyramid, Scott Milligan is passionate about creating a quirky approach that engages an audience and avoids self-indulgence.

kitten-pyramid-allAlthough this will be Kitten Pyramid’s first single, all of its members come from experienced musical and cinematic backgrounds with links to Midlands rock band The Leisure Society and BAFTA award-winning drama film Tyrannosaur. As a result, Kitten Pyramid intrigued me as they’re unlike any other band I’ve reviewed in that they span across multiple forms of entertainment.

Uh Oh has prog-rock roots with its fierce strumming and old school riffs. Reminiscent of both 70s punk bands and 90s rock, it has a great uplifting sound that makes you want to let your hair down. Instruments are doing a lot of the work and the brass section including horns add a dramatic flair that continues until the very end. The switch between acoustic to rock to jazz infused with rock is seamless and I love how it twists and turns through the genres that this band can do.

So much is happening and it’s impossible to pinpoint which style of music it would ultimately fall into. I’ve never seen genre clashing like this in a single song, so hats off to them!


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