EP REVIEW: Duveaux, Duveaux

duveauxepTITLE: Duveaux
BAND: Duveaux
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: April 19th 2013

A fellow music blogger Sarah at Three for a Girl recently introduced me to a band that she’d been working with and asked me to give them a listen. Duveaux are an incredibly unique band who mix rock and “gloom pop” with a little bit of hip hop. The Isle Of Wight five-piece have recently gained a big new following after their appearance at the IOW festival with their latest acoustic video gaining over 10,000 in a week. Still a very young band, having only begun playing since last September they have already racked up an impressive live CV and released their debut EP in April.

It begins with Come Around Here, which has an energetic bouncy strum at the intro. A funky bass makes its first appearance and frontman Dan Duveaux’s distinctive vocals come in. It’s a nasally, quirky tone that was more prominent in the 60s and 70s. Indeed there is a retro theme in a lot of the tracks coupled with a weird, witchy tone. The bass adds a dark undertone to the upbeat riffs giving it light and shade.

duveauxTheir single Favourite Feature comes next. With fun indie riffs and a retro dancing beat while the bass plays funks tricks underneath the distinctive vocals. There’s a catchy 70s style to it and it breaks down into an acapella section with background clicking. It finishes with a final launch into the starting upbeat riff, reaching the midpoint on a high.

That Way Inclined is an interesting song. It’s much more classically indie than the other tracks with a Franz Ferdinand-esque intro. The bass is the backing to a more gentler vocal than what we heard on the rest of the EP. I love how Dan’s vocal range is explored a lot more on this track. We really get to know his high register, which is really refreshing. The words “that way inclined” are uttered in a second or two of floaty dreamy music before reverting back to the indie vibe. The final lyrics are drawled through the end and it finishes on a slow, gradual drag.

Ending track Felicity Ginn has a pop-rock opening, which turns into a metallic sounding affair reminscent of HIM. The vocals are the focus of the song as it tells the story of the title character. It’s repetitive indie rock with the retro flavour coming in through the backing “ooh”s. It’s a great live track due to the impressive riffs and a catchy rhythm, which resonates through you.

I am really glad I was introduced to Duveaux. They’re an awesome hybrid band whose sound will play in my mind for a long time. Dan’s voice really gives them the stand-out factor and it’s this element that I think will ensure their career soars, particularly on the live set where his apparent showmanship will flourish.


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