SONG REVIEW: Coco and the Butterfields, Warriors

warriorsTITLE: Warriors
BAND: Coco and the Butterfields
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: July 29th 2013

With folk currently making a big wave in mainstream music, hybrids which contain a little bit of old-fashioned quirk are earning a lot of young, ultra cool fans. Coco and the Butterfields are no doubt a cool kid’s band with their intriguing mixture of folk, hip hop and pop and even created something called “fip fok” which perfectly encompasses everything that they stretch across.

They’re a Canterbury five-piece who have scooped up songwriting awards galore and shared stages with Bastille and The Pogues. Warriors is their first official single and is taken from their EP of the same name. For a debut single, it’s show-stoppingly catchy and full of so much character. If you’re a Glasto lover, be prepared to find your song of the summer.

cocoBlending marching vocal harmonies with the Mumford-esque banjo and the jumping violins, it’s a great hippy party song. You can imagine it being the soundtrack to a dance around the campfire, full of laughter and freedom. It also keeps its title in mind with the militant vibe surrounding it too. Although it definitely has the upbeat, carefree style ingrained, these guys are also strong and prepared to fight in order to defend their liberties.

Unlike a lot of folk, it’s not completely inaccessible to those who aren’t used to the genre. There is a wonderful pop element to it that reminds us not to take it so seriously. “We are warriors, I’m not afraid to die” is a strong statement that shows courage and confidence but the cheeky melody suggests that there isn’t an ounce of pretentiousness to it.

It’s incredibly catchy and so cheerful that you’ll want to keep on playing it all through this season and into the gloomy autumn, when you need a pick me up. Listen to it on their soundcloud for an awesome summer party!


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