SONG REVIEW: Colour Of Bone, Itch

colourofboneitchTITLE: Itch
BAND: Colour Of Bone
LABEL: A Black Lion Recording
RELEASED: July 15th 2013

A mix between pop, rock and electronica is a common occurence in modern music but Colour Of Bone are unlike anything I’ve heard before. There are elements of hip hop thrown into it with a weird psychedelic feel. Colour Of Bone released their first single Low Mode and received a lot of great reviews including “dazzling and excellent… fuzzy-grunge guitar does not sound better than this” from Artrocker.

As well as creating some rocky urban tunes, the band are very artistic and their artwork has a graffiti-inspired style that matches their sound. Merging art and music is something that a lot of artists do and Colour Of Bone fuse their creative talents perfectly. The video for Itch merges microscopic images of cells and sound waves, which is a hypnotising accompaniment to the trips and fuzzes of the song.

colourofboneAmateurish piano notes run through the rhythmic, heavy chanting of the verse. The electronic buzzes and steady drum bounce behind the spaced out drawl that is the chorus before it enters a calmer section and the click of a cricket sounds intermittently. There are so many layers and the dual vocals spiralling over different levels separates the layers out while creating a seamless effect.

The transition from the rap rhythm at the beginning to the dreamy indie vocals from the halfway point doesn’t feel disjointed thanks to the gradual change in the backing music. There is a slight 90s sci-fi pop theme to the latter half of the song but the synths keep it modern. Clashing themes, time periods and genres may sound risky but have a listen to Itch and see how it works!


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