FILM REVIEW: This Is The End

This-Is-The-End-posterTITLE: This Is The End
STARS: Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride
DIRECTORS: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg
RELEASED: June 28th 2013

Dan showed me the trailer for this film a while back and I was incredibly interested in the concept of it. It is just one of four apocalyptic films out this summer which seems like a hell of a lot to me. What makes this a little different to others is that there is very little actual acting going on. There are no fictional characters involved and as a result, it makes for a very amusing and intriguing watch.

On arriving in LA, Jay Baruchel is picked up from the airport by his old friend Seth Rogen who explains that James Franco is having a star-studded housewarming party. During the party, the Rapture occurs, beaming up the Saved to heaven. Those left behind must survive the Devil’s uprising and somehow find a way to be saved.

There is a lot of comedy violence and some truly ridiculous happenings within the film including a demon possession and celebrities turned cannibals. Like many screwball films, the behaviour is very over the top as the actors are playing caricatures of themselves. Jonah is the Zen lover hippy, Jay is the cynical hipster and James is the handsome bachelor. They’re characters that we can all identify in every day life and actually shows us their human side underneath their Hollywood selfishness. It’s because of this that we attach ourselves to them and want them to escape.

It has received some pretty good reviews and it’s down to the expertly written jokes, insight into the true nature of some of our favourite actors and perfect comedy timing. It’s not a particularly compelling storyline and much of the action is based around guys getting stoned and discussing how they share out their food rations but the one liners are what keeps you from getting bored. Appearances from Emma Watson, Michael Cera and Rihanna also playing themselves add further hilarious escapades, making This Is The End more than a comedy horror.

There are certainly a few twists and as a comedy it has a happy ending by default but not everyone does get said ending. Trying to prove that they aren’t as self-centred as everyone knows they are, true friendship is what lies at the heart of it. Peel back the stoner comedy and you have something quite touching and real at the centre. It causes you to exit the cinema not hating their rich, self-deprecating selves quite so much.



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