SONG REVIEW: Kate Rogers Band, Anger Management

katerogerssingleTITLE: Anger Management
BAND: Kate Rogers Band
LABEL: Conveyor Canada
RELEASED: July 29th 2013

Kate Rogers is a Canadian singer-songwriter who moved to the UK and got her musical career started. She is the voice of electronica act Rae and Christian and has sung for countless other folk bands over the years. With three solo albums and an EP under her belt, she has now branched out alone again with a new album Repeat Repeat, which was released in February. Anger Management is the lead single from the album and it has received a lot of airplay in her native country.

Taking her folk-rock roots, Anger Management is reminiscent of festival favourites HAIM due to the gorgeous female tones and relaxed hippy vibe. Quirky electronic synths support an ethereal vocal and join a pretty smooth pop rhythm. It has a catchy chorus and sincere lyrics that we can all relate to -being unable to control anger.

katerogersIt talks about uncontrollable anger in quite a clinical way but in a sweet, upbeat way. Contrasts between musicality and content are clear and this makes it all the more intriguing. Kate and her band are masters at creating moods within their music and the breakdown around two minutes and twenty indicates a period of cooling off after losing yourself in the first half of the song.

You wouldn’t think it’s an angsty song but it’s talking about a negative emotion set to traditional instruments playing a happy-go-lucky track. Perhaps it is looking at it with an optimistic view with the knowledge that things get better. It’s quite clear from the lyrics that Kate has first-hand experience of this. Indeed the video depicts many different emotions, which must be how people who suffer with anger problems feel.


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