AskAlex #3

I’m afraid this week there wasn’t an awful lot to choose from. It seems I was spoilt for choice by the AskReddit forum last week and there wasn’t all that much left. I did like “If you could try a fictional drink, what would it be?” but my answer would be simply “Butterbeer”. However, this one I could answer fully and actually give you a little look into what occupies me between the hours of 9 and 4, Monday to Friday.

Redditors who work from home -what do you do?

Well, the short answer is my job. My job title is Marketing and Social Media Executive for The principle of the site is a great one -helping men get better gifts for the women in their lives by asking her friends! I can already see the females reading this perk up at such a notion. Indeed, it is a genius idea and something I know my boss and AskHerFriends founder Ben is extremely proud of. It’s a very simple process. The guy signs up to the site, browses the gifts on offer (clothes, accessories, beauty products, homeware, stationery, gadgets -there’s loads!) and he then makes a list of up to ten potential gifts for the woman he’s buying for. That list is then sent to the e-mail addresses or Facebook inboxes of those who know her the best. Those people can then go into the site, comment on his options and ultimately, choose which gift she’ll love the most. Awesome.

So, the team is solely myself and Ben. While we’re raising money to put back into the site and renovate it a bit, I’m doing the marketing and social media promotions from my home in Bromley and Ben is working hard meeting investors and holding down a contract with Barclays. Being an English and Creative Writing graduate and not having any marketing experience at all, I did go into it a little bit blindly and had to research good marketing techniques. As a blogger, I knew the social media side a lot better.

I got the job through an internship I had with the company back in September. I left in December to take a Christmas elf job and then found myself unemployed again and back on the dole. I then spent a month or so volunteering at a charity shop as part of my jobseeker’s agreement until I one day got an e-mail from Ben informing me he had a paid position for me. Naturally, I jumped on the opportunity and haven’t looked back.

As well as managing the social media accounts and looking for other avenues of promotion, I also write the blog posts for the company, which all tangentially relate to gift-giving. Thinking up ideas each week is perhaps one of the hardest parts of my job, so you can see that I don’t really have a hard time every day! Naturally, I do keep myself going by relaxing for an hour to watch TV or read and I love the flexibility I have with regards to my lunch break and where I actually do my work. If I wanted to take the laptop somewhere else, I could do easily.

Working from home can be difficult at times, as there are days where motivation is non-existent. However, I love talking to fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers, promoting our products and running the competitions we have every month. I’ve actually got very into gaining fashion inspiration from bloggers as opposed to magazines, which is cheaper and often a lot more valuable as the girls giving the advice are just like me, so I can relate to them. Working in an industry that I love certainly helps get me out of bed and downstairs to the laptop every day!



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