SONG REVIEW: Caracol, Shiver

caracolshiverTITLE: Shiver
ARTIST: Caracol
LABEL: Indica Records
RELEASED: August 25th 2013

French Canadian artist Caracol, real name Carole Facal, grew up in a family of musicians and pursued her own career in 2005. Since then, she has released a solo album entitled L’arbre aux parfums in 2008 and won several awards on the Canadian folk music circuit. Her debut UK single Shiver is now due for release next month and her new album of the same name will come in September, following her Canadian number one Etrange.

She will be supporting Canadian indie band Half Moon Run on their UK tour next month too, showcasing her eclectic musical sound. Trying her hand at pop, folk, indie and soul, Caracol looks set to be the next big voice on the hybrid scene.

caracolShiver follows on from the successful sounds of Of Monsters and Men and HAIM, who were both big festival favourites last year. Blending a wonderfully cheerful indie-pop instrumental with her kooky folk style makes the song a warm, friendly experience that seems to embrace you from the first note. Caracol’s vocals have a gorgeous tone and her harmonies are spot on as they lilt over the catchy backing track.

Complete with an endearing video, Shiver may have the theme of a chilly winter’s day but its carefree nature and sunny disposition make it perfect for our current summer haze. Here’s to betting this song will get a lot of airplay when the autumn comes around and we’re clinging on to any remaining sunshine!


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