AskAlex #4

Quite a few questions from AskReddit could have made it onto the blog today but again, I picked the one that could prompt the most detailed response. I’ve realised that this is in fact the second glimpse into my childhood, which may actually become a bit of a theme of AskAlex. Again, if you have any questions for me that you want me to answer, leave them in a comment and I’ll answer them!

What was your dream job as a kid and what do you do now?

Well, last week I told you all about my current job in marketing and social media. However, when I was a kid, social media didn’t exist so of course it couldn’t have been my childhood dream. Although I do enjoy my current job, it isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life. 

I’ve been an aspiring journalist since the age of about fifteen. It was then that I discovered the world of blogging, which was a lot smaller then than it is now. My new-found love of documenting my life on the internet ignited my passion for journalistic writing and my ambition to be a journalist was born. I had already written the odd short story and even script before in the lined notebooks that I got in gift sets for birthdays and Christmas but it wasn’t until I began blogging that journalism really became my career goal. 

When I was very young, I wanted to be a vet due to my obsession with animals particularly cats. Anyone who knows me will know that I still love cats to a near extreme level but it wasn’t long after I expressed an interest in becoming a vet that I was told by an adult that vets often have to put pets to sleep. The idea of this distressed me so much that even at the age of around seven or eight, I knew that I couldn’t ever possibly be a vet.

I have also toyed with the idea of being a paramedic, actress and teacher. I love the idea of the fast paced, unpredictable life of a paramedic but I am pretty squeamish, so there’s no way I could handle all the gore and terrible situations. I did go to a Saturday drama school from the ages of eleven to seventeen but I didn’t really have the self-confidence to go to auditions and I didn’t believe in myself enough to really try to get into acting although I did really enjoy it. I always enjoyed solo acting more than group acting, which is a bit of problem for an actress really. 

Teaching is something I keep coming back to and I may end up doing it if I can’t get into journalism. I’ve considered it at all levels too but I’m not sure I could handle primary school kids. I don’t like kids as it is, so maybe primary teaching isn’t for me! Secondary teaching means that I would teach English which is a subject that is compulsory until you’re sixteen meaning I’d have a huge amount of kids not wanting to be in my lessons. Nightmare central! University lecturing is the most appealing level of teaching to me but it would involve me going back to uni myself and getting an MA or PhD.

So, journalism is my main career ambition. Wedding planning and midwifery are also brief considerations that I’ve had within the last year too, so I guess I’m still open to a total change in direction. Ultimately I do want to make money through writing and I’m determined to grab as many opportunities that may help me get ahead.


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