AskAlex #5

Today’s question caused me to think a little and indeed, anyone reading this may have some very different, awesome ideas to me but as we all know, stretching your imagination and putting a bit of thought into something is always fun. Again, if you have any specific questions for me, simply put them in a comment and I’ll answer in the coming weeks.

What will we be nostalgic about from the 00’s?

In the not so distant future, I imagine technology will have once again moved on significantly. Phones, computers and other gadgets will have features not even thought of yet and therefore the original iPhone and Apple Mac will be a thing of the past. One thing I think I’ll miss is the amazement at being able to read my e-mails, manage my social media and make a phone call all from the same device. That is something we won’t ever be able to re-create in the same way and I’ll definitely miss that feeling.

I hope that we won’t be nostalgic about books. Books are such a huge part of my life and although I am very much in love with my Kindle, there are times when physical copies of books are what I yearn for. They’ve been around for hundreds of years and as a result, I think we’ve always held onto the fact that they’ll stand the test of times. However, with the growing number of e-readers available and the rising popularity of audiobooks, their future has never looked more bleak. Fingers crossed, my children and grandchildren will know the power of the written word and I’ll be able to buy them physical copies of children’s classics.

Musicians of the 00’s that I’m sure will leave a legacy are Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and One Direction among others, of course. I’m pretty sure that whenever I hear one of their gloriously cheesy songs in years to come, I’ll feel a huge wave of nostalgia for my younger days. No doubt my kids will hate them and groan about how uncool it is and although they’re not exactly my taste, they’ll bring back memories for me.

TV talent shows may also be a thing of the past, due to their already diminishing viewing numbers. The notion of spending hard-earned money voting for who has the best singing voice and then getting angry when the most outrageous gets through to the next round will probably seem ridiculous to future generations. Indeed, I hope it does. I mean, there may be an even sillier replacement but being glued to a compulsive-viewing and terribly addictive series every Saturday for the rest of my life doesn’t sound all that exciting to be honest.

Other things I hope to be nostalgic about are Ugg boots and the obsession with guys wearing their trousers halfway down their thighs. I’ve never got the appeal of Ugg boots. I think they’re overpriced but with a chavvy stigma to them. I’d never be seen dead in a pair, even if they are warm and cosy. Also, I think the trend of young guys strapping their jeans around their thighs has been complained about enough just about everywhere but I hope it becomes a thing of the past that we can all look back and laugh about.

Harry Potter and Twilight will also probably provoke nostalgia. I love the former and detest the latter but both will no doubt leave a trail into the future and they will be read and watched for years to come. As they get older, we will of course remember what it was like when they were brand new. The excitement of purchasing the final Harry Potter instalment will always stay with me and that’s something that I hope my children will get to experience.

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