Mumford And Sons, Hopeless Wanderer The Video

Banjo playing, indie-folk band Mumford And Sons are a little like Marmite. You’re either cool enough to love them or think they’re all a bit pretentious. Indeed, I have always fallen into the latter category. However, their new single Hopeless Wanderer caught my ear. In short, it is a beautiful piano-based track with the obligatory banjo, of course but there’s something about it that is just… well, special. Being Mumford, of course there is an overly quirky, hipster video to go with it. Enjoy!

1 comment
  1. Lindsay said:

    I think the guys in the video are Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and some guy in a fake beard. Certainly explains the quirkiness of the video.

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