SONG REVIEW: Josh Taerk, Grace

joshtaerkTITLE: Grace
ARTIST: Josh Taerk
LABEL: Misty Creek Records
RELEASED: September 2nd 2013

I’m pretty sure regular readers will know how fond I am of a guy with a guitar and a voice to die for. Canadian Josh Taerk is a new face who has influences such as Bruce Springsteen and Counting Crows with a fan in E Street band member Max Weinberg and he most definitely falls into the category of cute guy with a guitar.

He embarked on a UK tour last month and brought us his previous singles Smell The Roses and People In The Room. Grace is the upcoming track from his album Josh, which will also be released later in the year. Josh says of Grace:

“Grace was written based on an experience I had with a girl at school. This girl found out I liked her and would lead me on but then date other guys. The song is an allegory for the responsibility we all have when we deal with other people’s feelings. At the time it was hard to see what I was getting into especially because of the feelings I had for this person. Looking back on it allowed me to see what was really going on and gave me the perspective I needed to write this song. The main character in the story loves this woman, yet the woman gives love to anyone willing to take it without considering the feelings of everyone involved, including her own”.

A heartbreaking love story from a true life experience means it’s probably going to have a hell of a lot of emotion and passion raging through it and it certainly has! An honest and soulful vocal is put over the top of a weeping riff and steady drum, which join a bluesy burst between chorus and verse. It’s a catchy rhythm with a pretty melody and it tells the story beautifully.

Although it is an incredibly sweet pop ballad, it also has a lot of sadness and desperation behind it. The lyrics tells of a lovesick boy who really wants her to realise how much she is tormenting him. She is a damaged soul who has her reasons for behaving in the reckless way she does and it’s like the singer just wants to help her change for the better but doesn’t really know how to go about it.

Grace could easily be a big autumn hit, when it’s released. It has so much likeability and therefore has the potential to go places. Unfortunately, the recorded version of the song isn’t online and therefore I can’t share it but here is a live performance of it at The Underbelly in London from Josh’s UK tour last month.


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