EP REVIEW: Wild Combination, Pulses

Wild Combination EP CoverTITLE: Pulses
BAND: Wild Combination
LABEL: Sweet Release Records
RELEASED: August 5th 2013

An Essex trio who have been described as “lovely, spidery, dream-pop” by Q Magazine, Wild Combination have supported both Fenech-Soler and Alt-J this year. Gaining fans in a number of DJs at XFM and 6Music, they’re fast climbing the ranks of radio with their first single Whole Lotta Truth was released in June grabbing the attention of music blogs such as Music Ninja, who described them as “gorgeous dreamy coastal rock to really get you in the mood for summer”.

I have to say that I agree with them! Pulses is a jam-packed full of instruments competing to be heard. Lead single Whole Lotta Truth has retro sounding pop vocals set to a ringing riff. There’s an 80s theme running through it due to its dance-beat rhythm and eerie resonating tones that were so popular in mellow pop during that time.

wildcombinationIt moves into Great Expectations which uses ethereal synths and drum rolls paired with drawling vocals. There is a real dreamy feel to it, which fits in with the subject matter of looking up to celebrities and having lofty ambitions only for real life to get in the way. It’s a realistic look at the world and is filled with honesty.

Kaleidoscope seems to spin like its name. Circles of synths and drum beats turned by a rhythmic guitar. Echoey vocals create the hazy feel and the resonating harmonies spin through the chorus. The dreamy theme is continued through oscillating synths which seem to shimmer in the rhythm.

Drums tapping and rising synths introduces Waves with its indie vocals and indie pop sound. It’s the most commercial sounding song on the EP which is perfect for summer festivals. Ringing riffs and a catchy dance beat make it ideal for summer parties on the beach or in a field.

Ending on CS Hatey, which is an instrumental track with a celebratory setting sail sound. The accordion adds a Parisian feel and the sad piano adds a touch of dark to the light. The atmosphere is built up in the drums before it becomes a wonderful explosion of colour and texture. Fireworks seem to mark the end as the piano continues.

All in all, it’s an interesting dream-pop EP. The use of synths and balance of light and shade is in abundance. It’s an electronica-pop fan’s dream which spins, spurts and glides through five tracks of calming heaven.


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