AskAlex #7

This week’s chosen AskAlex question has allowed my mind to run wild. It did take some thinking about as it’s not something that has ever really crossed my mind before but it was pretty fun thinking up ways to answer. If you have a question for me, don’t hesitate to comment on this post with the question and I may just answer it next Monday!

If you were to live forever, what would you do?

I think the short answer is “what wouldn’t I do?” I do very much see the truth in the saying “life’s too short” and therefore if I had eternal life, I would probably live my life very differently. To be honest, I’d probably take more risks and be a bit more of a daredevil due to the non-existent fear of death that would come with immortality. However, I’d also have to live with the fact that those I love would die and I’d be left alone, which is something I fear a lot. I also do not want to experience any kind of apocalypse, as the whole idea of that scares me too -imagine everything you’ve ever known being wiped out in an instant and having to adapt to some kind of new life you know nothing about. That’s far too scary for me to start comprehending!

That’s probably enough negatives for now. On the up side, I’d have as much time as I wanted to read all the books I wanted, watch all the films I wanted and see all the places I wanted. The thought of being able to visit every country in the world sounds incredibly exciting and I’d love to be able to live long enough to. Seeing all the changes through the ages and being able to compare whole centuries also appeals to me. Just having that invaluable insight would render me some kind of all-knowing guru to the rest of the world, which the self-indulgent side of me loves.

I’d also love the luxury of not feeling like I have to tie myself to a specific career. If I was to live forever, I could spend my younger years jetting around as an air hostess or simply travelling around as a volunteer before starting a family. Then as I get older, I could either go into teaching or lecturing English or simply retire to a cat-filled house and start churning out novels forevermore. I’m not sure that last thought is supposed to sound so appealing to a 22-year-old but believe you me, it does.

Living long enough to see the invention of time travel is an amazing concept to me. Whether it’s scientifically possible or not, being able to visit former and future times and again, compare centuries from personal experiences is such a mind-boggling notion but an exciting one. Give me the job of The Doctor’s assistant any day, please!

As this is such an intriguing question and one that I really enjoyed thinking up an answer to, I’m going to pose it to you, whoever is reading this -if you were to live forever, what would you do?


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