Katy Perry’s Roar V Lady Gaga’s Applause

A lot of rivalry has been circulating around these two new releases this week. Two big names in pop who have decided to re-launch themselves in the same week means there is going to be some serious shifting in the charts.

Katy Perry has gone for a young, trendy, WhatsApp-themed lyric video to her single Roar. It’s a song full of strength and self-belief with a really lovely positive message. The song itself is a catchy, pop number which is not dissimilar to her Teenage Dream tracks. She really belts the chorus in the second half of the song and therefore roars (sort of). So much happiness is running through it and during a cheerful summer where we’re still suffering from a heroic hangover of last summer’s Olympics, you can see why people will adore it. It’s all about succeeding and sticking it to those who doubted you. There’s even a token cat shot at the end! Watch the lyric video below.


Lady Gaga has gone for something entirely different. Then again, that’s nothing unexpected from Gaga. Drowned in the showbiz world, Applause is all about a star’s appreciation for her fans. Much more dance-based than Katy Perry’s track, it’s a song that has a bit of a Marmite character. It isn’t something that us normal folk can really relate to, seeing as we don’t often get applauded or screamed for. The lyric video has plenty of skimpy outfits, sexual gestures and crazy party antics, which is all part and parcel of a Lady Gaga affair. It’s a lot more arty than Roar but it does have an air of being all for show with not much of a profound message left behind. Have a watch of the video below.


All in all, I much prefer Roar due to its down-to-earth nature and powerful motivation. Although Applause is undoubtedly a catchy, sure-fire hit, it’s a club hit not one that I’d particularly enjoy chilling out with. We know that neither of them are going to flop but I’m pretty sure Katy Perry will win this chart battle.


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