EP REVIEW: Devil In Detail, Devil In Detail

devilindetailepTITLE: Devil In Detail
BAND: Devil In Detail
LABEL: Unsigned
RELEASED: July 25th 2013

Devil In Detail are a five-piece from Brighton who combine lots of alternative rock talent with a voice that will keep turning in your head for a long time afterwards. Their self-titled EP is three songs full of pure, high-voltage rock that allows for a bit of relaxation too. If you love Evanescence and Gossip but with more of a rock tilt, Devil In Detail are perfect for you.

Having only been around for eighteen months, they’ve already packed a lot in. Listening to the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age and Muse, they’ve developed a sound which fuses electronic fuzzes, crashing drums and vocals from another world. They say they’re always striving to push themselves out of their comfort zones to offer us something we’ve never heard before, which is a wonderful ambition for a band to have.

devilindetailIt begins with Point Scoring, a song about having one up on a loved one. It begins with bouncing alternative riffs and crashing drums with singer Candice’s voice whistling melodiously over the top. The contrast between her beautiful pure voice full of an innocence and the mechanical grind and growls of the instruments is something that is perfectly orchestrated and sounds great. The drums become rhythmic and the guitar begins to squeal towards the end, rounding off this big rock anthem.

Hospital Bed suggests a sad song and indeed, they capture the bleak anticipation of the lyrics. A low bass begins the intro with a ringing riff which seems to cry. The vocals are quite haunting much like Amy Lee’s of Evanescence with a pitying sway in the delivery. The guitars ripple across a slamming drum-driven instrumental. A metallic clash of guitars ensues while Candice’s ethereal vocals melt away.

Ending on All Good Things, which has a funky rock riff, which turn into singing alternative rolls. There’s a fierce quality to the vocals which we haven’t heard before and an impressive guitar solo sounds between one and a half and two minutes. It has a repetitive rhythm that runs behind a ghostly haunting vocal, ending on an ominous sad feeling with drum rolls and a sad ringing riff.

It’s a beautiful, ethereal EP with a spiritual feeling but very much rooted in reality. On many levels, it’s a good old-fashioned alternative rock EP with a lot of grit coupled with the pure dream that is Candice’s voice. Light meets dark in this all-action rock record.


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